IB Data Downloader v2.1

Historical Data: Stocks, Futures, ETFs, Indexes, and Forex

NOTICE: This page describes an older version of IB Data Downloader – version 2.1. It is available for sale for a reduced price, however, it does not support options historical data, which is available in our latest version – IB Data Downloader 3.0 .

IB Data Downloader is a simple Java application which you can run on your computer and download historical data. IB Data Downloader uses IB Java API to connect to Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation running on the same computer or another computer on your network. Downloader automatically utilizes multiple CPU threads to download data for multiple symbols in parallel to speed up download for instrument symbols. IB Data Downloader uses proprietary IB Java API Framework to automatically handle many common IB API errors, such as pacing violation (too many requests for historical data over a limited period of time), connection timeouts, etc…


  • Download historical data from Interactive Brokers TWS
  • Intra-day, daily, weekly, and monthly historical data from Interactive Brokers TWS Platform
  • Timeframes from 1-second to 1-month
  • Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Bar Size, Timestamp
  • Stocks, ETFs, Indices, Futures, Forex
  • Saves data in comma-separated text files
  • Contracts from any exchange around the world supported by Interactive Brokers. Any base currency

Technical Details:

  • Parallel downloads for symbol lists – data for multiple instruments is downloaded at the same time
  • Connects to Interactive Brokers TWS running on the same computer or any other computer on your network
  • Uses Java IB API to download historical data
  • Runs on any operating system: Windows, Mac OS, Linux
  • Automatic handling of IB API pacing violations

Manage custom symbol lists on your computer:

  • Symbols stored in simple text files
  • Create symbols in TWS Downloader user interface or in any text editor and import them into Data Downloader

Technical Support:

  • Support by email for up to 180 days after your purchase.
  • Free updates & bug fixes for version 2.x (current) for 12 months.

Customization available:

  • Request new features and modifications via support email. Additional charges may apply.

Purchase/download instructions for IB Data Downloader:

  1. After clicking Purchase button below – you will be prompted for your name and email.
  2. You will be redirected to PayPal website where you’ll be able to process payment using your credit card or PayPal account.
  3. After payment you will be redirected back to www.tradinggeeks.net website confirmation page that will contain download link.
  4. In addition, you will get a payment confirmation email from PayPal and an email from TradingGeeks with your receipt and download link.



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Questions? – feel free to use the Contact Us form and the right to send us a message.
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